Construction and investment company Harmony Group

Years of history

Harmony Group, Sofia is following the excellence of Harmony Suites, which was established in 2004. Known for its high quality, style and luxe, Harmony Suites is a leader in the construction industry of residential complexes on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Harmony Group has been established with passion and vision to impose new morals and positive energy in the relationship between clients and the developer.

The concept “Harmony”

Our 7 rules of success

1. Attention to the client

Our main priority at Harmony Group is the attention to the client. It all starts with designing homes from the inside out, tailored to the needs and desires of our clients. Only then we plan the exterior architecture, landscaping, lobby, parking areas and common areas to obtain a harmonious living environment. Our ultimate goal is for the client to receive a cosy home that will provide him with comfort and family happiness.

2. Innovation

Our team in Harmony Group is following all of the new trends in the construction worldwide as we are striving to apply them on the Bulgarian market. We created the first residential complex in Bulgaria with singing fountains, the first air-cinema between two buildings, an indoor heated pool with build-in music underwater, the first residential building in Bulgaria with the American certification of quality LEED and the best is yet to come.

sq.m built-up area

3. Quality

We believe that there is no way to achieve the high quality of our buildings without using high-quality materials and technologies. For this purpose, the owners and the management of the company personally participate in their selection.

4. Design

A natural end of the construction process at Harmony Group is the creation of beautiful buildings with unique designs where our entire team is personally participating. We use the services of the best architects and designers who combine professionalism and imagination in their work. Each of our buildings has an individual solution for facade lighting and designer common areas.

sq.m future projects

5. Sustainability

Our commitment does not finish with the sale and the construction of the buildings. We continue to maintain all the buildings we have built, which we are proud of. It is essential to create something beautiful, but also sustainable.

6. Security

For the comfort of our clients, Harmony Group is creating an individual security plan for each of our buildings, including 24h security, control of the access, 24h CCTV and smart-system for security.

reservations in our complexes from 2020

7. New standards

At Harmony, we were looking for and we found a solution for the unpleasant situation in which clients living in a new building find themselves e.g. years of long apartment renovations and elevators packed with cardboard. For each of our buildings, our company offers different levels of equipment and fully furnished homes, developed by leading interior designers. Our completed turnkey projects save our customers a lot of time

as they receive a stylish home at an attractive price.

At the moment we have fully furnished over 1200 apartments for our clients. We work with designers, choose the colours and materials, save you time, money and stress.

The high-end Harmony Group’s buildings will offer 24-hour personal concierge and hotel services. 

Sold apartments